Dry N Store Zephyr



Popular electronic hearing aid dehumidifier from the Dry & Store product line. Combines three elements needed for effective drying (heat, moving air, desiccant). Fully automatic to shut off after 8-hour cycle; will also shut off when manually pressing ON/OFF button while unit is operating (NOTE: opening lid will not automatically shut device off). Quiet fan circulates warm air to pull moisture from hearing instrument. Dry-Brik II desiccant absorbs moisture released within the drying compartment. Universal power supply (100-240V @ 50-60Hz) accommodates electrical service worldwide, so there is no need for voltage converter (plug adapters for various countries required). Weight: 13.4 oz. Dimensions: 5.9″ x 3.6″ x 2.8″. Quantity discounts available. Two-year warranty.

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