The Journey of Sound

To understand the process, it’s important to understand the three parts of the human ear and how they work together with your brain.

How Hearing Works

Hearing doesn’t sound like much of an adventure, does it? But let’s take a look —you might be surprised at how much happens when you process even the simplest noise.


01 The Outer Ear

Outer Ear: Sound waves enter your outer ear and travel down your ear canal.


02 The Eardrum

Ear Drum: Sound waves hit your eardrum, causing it to vibrate.


03 The Middle Ear

The tiny bones increase the sound vibrations and send them to a structure in your inner ear called the cochlea.

Group 2551

04 The Inner Ear

In the cochlea, which is filled with fluid, the vibrations become ripples.

Group 2552

05 The Cochlea

Deep in your cochlea are hair cells, which have fine finger-like structures called stereocilia perched on top. The ripples cause these hair cells to move up and down as if riding a wave.

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06 Hair Cells

As the hair cells move, the stereocilia bend and receive a rush of chemicals.

Layer 6

07 Pathway to the Brain

The chemical rush leads to creation of an electrical signal that’s sent along your auditory nerve to the brain, where it’s interpreted as sound.

As you can see, a lot must happen correctly for you to hear something. And that’s why a simple hearing screening paints only one part of the story of your hearing health.

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