Hearing and Health

Your hearing health is connected to your overall health in surprising ways. Watch the video to learn more.


Ever since one groundbreaking study in 2011, the link between hearing loss and cognitive decline in general has received a lot of attention and study. One strong connection that has been confirmed time and again is that hearing loss — even mild loss — is a strong risk factor for developing dementia.

But what has also been found is that adoption of hearing aids has a positive effect on cognition and memory. In fact, it slows — maybe even delays — cognitive decline.

Fall Risk

Many studies have demonstrated a clear connection between hearing loss and having unstable posture or hearing loss and risk of falling. Simply put, the worse your hearing, the less stable you become, whether standing or in motion.

But, as you might have guessed by now, there have been promising results in some studies that suggest hearing aid use substantially decreases your likelihood of an injurious fall.

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular health and hearing health are strongly linked — so much so that one researcher made a strong case that cardiovascular health should be part of any hearing care patient’s case history.  

The strongest explanation for this link is: Your hearing depends on the health of the tiny structures in your inner ear. Cardiovascular problems affect the quality and amount of blood that can reach your inner ear. This weakens or damages the tiny inner-ear structures, so you don’t hear as well.

So if you have cardiovascular issues, it makes sense to get your hearing checked, and vice versa. 

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