Getting Started

In your welcome kit, you will find your new ring light to create beautifully lit video and picture content.

Watch the instructional video below to learn how to set up and optimize your ring light.

Social Media

Video Posts

Use your ring light to film your Certification announcement, practice updates, testimonials and more!

For ideas, see sample videos below.

Static Posts

Videos are great and can bring in a lot of traffic to your profiles, but “static” or non-video posts such as pictures can also be useful!

For ideas, see sample static posts below


A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the ‘#’ symbol used on social media to categorize and group posts related to a specific topic or theme. It helps users discover, follow, and engage with content relevant to their interests. Below are some recommended hashtags to use consistently on your posts.








Release Form

A signed release form holds paramount importance in the realm of healthcare marketing, particularly when it comes to using a patient’s picture or video on social media platforms. It serves as a legally binding document that grants explicit consent from the patient, affirming their willingness to participate in promotional activities for your practice and on By obtaining a signed release, you demonstrate your commitment to patient-centric care and respect for individual autonomy. It not only safeguards your patient’s rights but also shields you from potential legal ramifications. Please use the below release form when featuring a patient in a video or picture and file it in your records.

Brand Assets

Download the brand assets to begin utilizing them in your practice. Leverage our
professionally designed resources to enhance your marketing efforts and maintain a cohesive brand presence.

Logos Certified Logo – Horizontal Certified Logo – Vertical

Certified Logo Dos & Don’ts

The certified logo should only be used on our primary background colors, as shown in the “Approved” section. Avoid logo variations in the “Unapproved” section.

Primary Logo – Horizontal

Primary Logo – Vertical

Primary Logo Dos & Don’ts

The primary logo should only be used on our primary background colors, as shown in the “Approved” section. Avoid logo variations in the “Unapproved” section.

Pictoral Graphic, Iconography, and Accent

Pictoral Graphic

Our custom, dynamic paper bird graphic — which, in the art of origami, represents loyalty and longevity — is created from the brand’s directional accent shape and evokes the sense of sound and the essence of freedom. This mark can live alone only in instances where the brand is clearly represented in full (e.g., favicon of the website).


Iconography is set simply, with light detail, in a thin, consistent stroke. Icons should never be used to replace text but rather to add visual interest to relevant content.

Directional Accent

The directional accent can be applied, tone-on-tone, to the upper-right corner of a color block. This treatment is a reminder that provides their customers with the wisdom to always forge forward. Style Guide

Download our in depth style guide for specifications on approved fonts, colors, communication examples and more!


If you have any questions or would like updates to your enhanced provider page, please email us at [email protected].

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