Ear Itch MD Take Home Bottle (0.5 OZ)



Ear Itch MD is designed to revitalize dry skin, which is often a cause of itchy ears. When used nightly, this nourishing blend of essential oils protects and moisturizes the skin, providing relief from annoying and painful, itchy ears. Easy-to-use spray delivers a light protective coating to the skin to soothe and revitalize. Non-greasy, oil-based formula. Helps to repair dry, irritated skin and works to rejuvenate skin. Can be used day or night. Also works well for hearing aid and earbud comfort insertion. Ingredients: coconut oil, light mineral oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, laurel berry fruit oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E, liquid germall plus. Sold in a 0.5 oz spray bottle.

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