Meet Our Team

  • Brian Fligor
    PhD, PASC
    Audiologist-in-Chief, President
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    Dr. Fligor is an Ohio native and earned his bachelor’s in biomedical engineering and doctorate in audiology from Boston University. He is board certified in audiology with a specialty in pediatric audiology, and he is author of Understanding Childhood Hearing Loss (Rowman & Littlefield, Oct 2015). He is adjunct audiology faculty at Mass General Hospital Institute for Health Professionals (Boston, MA) and Salus University (Elkins Park, PA) and is also a consultant to the World Health Organization. He sees patients of all ages and has special interests in treating sound disorders (tinnitus and sound hypersensitivity) and noise-induced hearing loss, particularly in musicians. He and his wife have four children. In his spare time, he plays acoustic guitar and coaches youth sports.

  • Louise Boyd
    Clinical Assistant
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    Ms. Louise Boyd is originally from Wareham, MA. She grew up with a deaf brother who used hearing aids, fitted by Tobias & Battite’s founder, Robert Battite. She enjoys working with people of all ages, and in her paraprofessional role, she assists with in-office repairs and instrument troubleshooting. She knows basic sign language and learning more. She has an associate’s degree in Business. In her spare time, Louise enjoys spending time with her family, lighthouses and crafts.

  • Roberta Battite
    Insurance Billing Specilaist
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    Ms. Roberta Battite is a Massachusetts native, and daughter of the founder of Tobias & Battite. She is a Wilmington, MA resident with many years of Medical Insurance and Billing knowledge with great organizational skills. Accompanied with a wonderful blend of customer service and clerical skills, she combines a warm, caring demeanor with a passion for helping patients and providing customer service. If you need help with scheduling or have questions regarding your insurance benefits, Roberta is available to assist you.

  • Eileen Le
    Clinic Director
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    Dr. Eileen Le, a Massachusetts native, earned a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders at Worcester State University and a Doctor of Audiology degree (Au.D.) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Before joining Tobias & Battite, Dr. Le served as an in-home audiologist for a national company and completed a clinical externship at the Jamaica Plain VA Medical Center. While studying communication disorders, Dr. Le discovered a love for the science of sound. She decided to pursue a career as an audiologist and never looked back. Whether getting to know patients, increasing their access to sound, or helping build awareness through patient education, Dr. Le enjoys empowering the community and changing lives for the better.

  • Keshell Brito
    Operations Manager
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    Ms. Keshell Brito, a longtime Massachusetts resident who was born in London and grew up in the tropics of Guyana, earned her bachelor’s in biology from UMass Boston and also attended SUNY Plattsburgh. Her robust background in hospitality and medical administrative support – including supervising at an airport lounge, working in restaurant management, and handling receptionist responsibilities at a community health center – reflects her passion for helping others. She’s CPR-certified and has a smile for anyone who walks through our doors. Outside the workday, Ms. Brito savors time with loved ones, whether enjoying an ocean breeze or together cooking up the best meal ever.

  • Nidhi Pathak
    Staff Audiologist
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    Dr. Pathak earned an M.A. and Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D.) from Salus University. She brings world-class experience to our practice, having worked as a clinical audiologist in private practice in India and as senior audiologist for the National Health Service in London. Recognized for outstanding scholarship by Salus University, she was granted a Fellowship in Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Technologies. Driven by the huge potential this profession holds to positively impact lives, she enjoys patient interactions and delivering individualized treatment. Outside of work, she enjoys music and hiking with her husband and son. Originally from India, Nidhi has called Massachusetts home for a decade.

  • Miles Sabine
    Staff Audiologist
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    Miles Sabine, who holds a bachelor’s degree in speech and hearing sciences, recently earned his audiology doctorate (Au.D.) at Northwestern University. His experience includes various health care clinics, and he’s certified to provide Lantos 3D ear scanning as well as the Neuromod Lenire tinnitus treatment device. As a prior extern and now a staff audiologist on the team, Miles enjoys conducting comprehensive diagnostic assessments and discussing the best treatment options for patients’ individual hearing needs. Outside the office, he can be found playing guitar and exploring new cities.

  • Kerry Dunphy
    Practice Administrator
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    Ms. Kerry Dunphy, a Massachusetts native, earned her master’s in healthcare administration at Framingham State University, her bachelor’s in psychology at Suffolk University, and an associate degree at Bunker Hill Community College. Her experience in the health care field spans more than 12 years, starting as a medical assistant and taking on other diverse roles before eventually becoming a practice manager. Her leadership has also included rank as a sergeant in the Army National Guard, for which she garnered various service awards. Outside the office, Ms. Dunphy loves quality time with family, friends, and her corgi-mix pooch. She also enjoys ice hockey and softball.

  • Amber Debrosse
    Executive Assistant
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    Ms. Amber Debrosse has worked in health care since 2010, first as lead secretary in a fast-paced medical private practice, then as a newborn care specialist and night nurse. As our executive assistant, she’s grateful for the chance to work daytime hours, stay in the medical field, and spend more time with her three daughters. Amber appreciates that the practice is run and operated like a family, which makes it feel less like work and more like helping people have the best quality of life possible. She enjoys seasonal outdoor activities with her family as well as reading thrillers and mysteries.

  • Katie Grew
    Lead PAC Boston
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    Massachusetts native Ms. Katie Grew brings more than 15 years experience in health care, including 12 as a certified nursing assistant and three as a medical secretary. She has worked in various environments including an ear, nose, and throat clinic setting. With a passion for learning, making others smile, and helping individuals of all ages, Ms. Grew is always ready to welcome patients to the office, answer a question, or otherwise assist people along their better-hearing journey. Outside of work, she treasures time with family and friends and is a true Boston sports fan.

  • Jhamicha Howard
    Insurance Coordinator
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    Jhamicha attended Pine Manor College and has earned numerous certificates in medical insurance. With well over 10 years of experience in the medical field and a passion for helping others, Jhamicha takes great pride in supporting patients and the Tobias & Battite team with her insurance expertise. She also enjoys the ever-evolving nature of her work and the opportunity to continuously learn. Outside the office, Jhamicha treasures spending time with loved ones and nurturing her wanderlust with travel adventures.

  • Tania Campos
    Patient Access Coordinator
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      About Our Practice

      Tobias & Battite Hearing Wellness was founded in 1974 to bring expert healthcare and hearing services to Boston. Our practice aims to give our patients the highest quality of care tailored to their individual needs. We combine the legacy of 49 years of trust and a team of experienced and devoted Boston audiologists with the most cutting-edge technology available.

      Our Specializations

      • Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
        Recommendations and fitting of ALDs such as personal amplifiers, FM systems, or loop systems to improve hearing in specific listening situations.
      • Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Evaluations
        Diagnostic assessments to evaluate central auditory processing abilities, which involves how the brain processes auditory information.
      • Auditory Rehabilitation
        Individualized programs to help individuals with hearing loss develop better communication strategies and improve listening skills.
      • Counseling and Education
        Information and support regarding hearing loss, hearing conservation, communication strategies, and coping mechanisms for individuals and their families.
      • Custom Earplugs and Earmolds
        Creation and fitting of custom-made earplugs for hearing protection, swimming, musicians, and other specific needs. Also includes earmolds for hearing aids or in-ear monitors.
      • Hearing Aid Fitting and Repair
        Selection, fitting, and programming of hearing aids to address hearing loss. This includes counseling on the proper use and maintenance of hearing aids.
      • Hearing Evaluations
        Comprehensive assessments to evaluate hearing abilities, including pure-tone audiometry, speech audiometry, tympanometry, and otoacoustic emissions (OAE) testing.
      • Industrial Audiology
        Workplace hearing evaluations, noise exposure assessments, and recommendations for hearing conservation programs to prevent occupational hearing loss.
      • Pediatric Audiology
        Specialized services for children, including hearing screenings, diagnostic evaluations, hearing aid fittings, and educational support for parents and caregivers.
      • Tinnitus Evaluation and Management
        Assessment, counseling, and development of strategies to manage tinnitus (ringing or buzzing sound in the ears).

      Payments Accepted

      • American Express
      • Care Credit
      • Cash
      • Check
      • Credit Card
      • Discover
      • Insurance (call to verify)
      • Mastercard
      • Visa

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