No matter how long you’ve been using hearing technology, there are still ways you can maximize their potential. We’ve collected five tips to help you hear even better in a noisy environment.

Encourage good communication skills. Those you’re with simply might not know how to effectively communicate with someone who has a hearing loss. Gently encourage them to slow down, speak up, and speak directly toward you. They’ll be grateful for the advice.

Sit strategically. Control whatever small parts of the environment you can. This will give you the best possible chance of hearing well. Sit near someone you know who won’t mind repeating things for you if you miss something. Sit at an end of the table or row to minimize extra noise.

Stream directly or use accessories. Many of today’s hearing aids can be used with a mobile app that lets you turn your smartphone into a microphone. You simply place your phone in the middle of the table, then the phone picks up the conversation and streams it directly to your hearing aids. Many manufacturers also have remote microphones that sit on a table or clip to your friend’s lapel to stream their voice to your hearing aids.

Sit with a smaller group. Sitting with fewer people helps you focus on what they’re saying and boosts your hearing confidence. Fewer conflicting voices means more clarity from the voices you want to hear.

Get a tune-up beforehand. All technology needs a little work now and then. Bring your devices to your provider for a clean and check. It prolongs their life and ensures that nothing gets in the way of your better hearing in noisy environments.

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An online hearing screener is an important step, but it can’t replace a comprehensive hearing exam by a professional. Our goal is to deliver expert hearing loss solutions that improve your life.

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